Spend less time ON compliance and more time on growth


To modernise the compliance industry while preserving and increasing values for companies through preventive and reactive measures.


Our core values are: integrity, compliance and accountability


At IRMI Group, we aspire to do business in a professional manner with integrity and with respect for the interests of our clients. In accordance to our core values, all company members are at all times updated with the laws and regulations governing our business in order to ensure the integrity of IRMI Group as an alliance partner for lawyers, auditors, leaders and investors. Our objective is to always promote integrity within our business, and to shape our industry in a positive and suitable manner.


Operating in the risk, governance and compliance industry, our primary goal at IRMI Group is to ensure full compliance within our organisation, in the same constructive and reliable manner as the compliance services we provide to our CSR-conscious clients. We pride ourselves with excellent procedures and high standards within our safety practices.


At IRMI Group, we consider our accountability to our clients to be of highest priorities. Our aim is to continuously promote corporate responsibility and accountability within our organisation, and across all departments, to ensure that the nature of our activities and behaviour is according to the interests of our clients.


We share a singular responsibility for maintaining the integrity and trust of the investigative profession.

In discharging this responsibility, we mutually pledge that:

  1.  We will be faithful and diligent in carrying out assignments entrusted to us, and to determine the true facts and render honest, unbiased reports in reference thereto.
  2. We will endeavour to perform our professional duties in accordance with the highest moral principles.
  3. We will respect the best interests of our clients by maintaining a high standard of performance and reporting to our clients the full facts ascertained as a result of the work and effort expended whether they be advantageous or detrimental to the interest of the client; and that nothing be withheld from the client save by the dictates of law.
  4. We will labour diligently and unceasingly to elevate the standard of practices of our agency members and will not tolerate unscrupulous invasion of our business contracts with clients by any member who intrudes knowingly and wilfully for his own private advantage or financial gain to the detriment and/or injury of another member.
  5. We will at all times perform our duties within the bounds of the law and will not permit nor demand of any employee nor fellow members or clients any violation of the law or any manner of fraud.
  6. We will respect the rights of our clients and refrain from divulging information to newspapers or other publications without consent from our clients, in the protection of our clients and to prevent interference in the administration of justice or a fair trial in the courts.
  7. We will promote programs with educational intent designed to raise standards, improve efficiency, and increase effectiveness of the auditors, lawyers and  investigator profession.
  8. We will observe strictly the precepts of prudence truth and accuracy.
  9. We will promote and protect the interest of our fellow members and clients, and all members of the profession having knowledge of any unlawful or unprofessional practices of any other member or clients shall immediately inform the corporation thereof so that disciplinary action may be taken.

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