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Services for the legal industry

Corporate law

IRMI Group assists legal industry within corporate law in the planning and implementation of transactions,

such as global data retrieval for Due Diligence purposes, anti-money laundering screening and investigative litigation support.

Better AML screening

IRMI Group assists legal industry with their own KYC screening, but also in the process their corporate clients KYC, liquidations or payouts.

New regulatory changes requires the industry to improve and enhance the Customer Due Diligence and Enhanced Due Diligence routines.

Our screening solutions are improved and updated in accordance with the new regulatory changes, and provides better results and more real time data, when using our screening services. In addition to updated Sanctions, terrorism lists, watchlists and PEP`s we have also added international and local media and in-depth high-frequency open sources searches by using various technology such as various API`s and Artificial Intelligence.

Your company will always have real-time data available, that automatically is being updated every 15 minutes.


IRMI Group assists legal industry and their corporate clients with global data retrieval to comply with new anti-money laundering regulations.

Services covers retrieval in over 150 countries including low-disclosure and non-disclosure countries.

These services fit for both Simplified Due Diligence, Customer Due Diligence, Enhanced Due Diligence and audits.

Compliance Implementation

IRMI Group assists legal industry and their corporate clients with services such as IDD (Integrity Due Diligence), Anti-corruption and Sanctions researches on counterparties globally.

Civil and criminal litigations

IRMI Group assists legal industry and their corporate clients with preparations, research and data retrieval prior to civil or criminal litigations

IP Anti-Counterfeiting

IRMI Group offers a range of services within monitoring and investigations for legal industry and IP owners when suspecting possible violation or infringements of your brands or products. IRMI Group has local on-site specialists in over 150 countries, ready to assist you with detection, prevention and together with co-partners from legal industry and authorities, the pre-litigation and seizure processes.


IRMI Group assists legal industry with their restructuring, liquidation and bankruptcy processes. The services and support entails such as asset investigations, AML screening, due diligence, UBO investigations (Ultimate Beneficiary Owners) and IBD services (Intermediary Bank Discovery)

The IBD process enables the legal industry or liquidators to disclose all US dollars transactions against a counter-party. This enables legal industry and liquidators to retrieve evidence on financial transactions and foreign networks such as vendors, distributors and customers. This could also disclose possible or suspected tax evations or fraud.


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