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Reactive Measures - IP Anti-Counterfeiting

Such IP crimes are neither isolated nor a one-time problem. According to EUIPO & EUROPOL, the European import and export industry lose $461 billion in IP crimes annually. In that same year, IPR intensive industries contributed 86% of imports and 93% of exports to EU external trade. Moreover, the rapid development of technology and digitalisation contributes to an increased complexity of fighting such cases. A report from INTA (International Trademark Association) shows that the impact of counterfeiting is growing exponentially, mostly due to the proliferation of counterfeiting on the Internet. The study found that in 2013, the estimated value of international and domestic trade in counterfeit and pirated goods was a staggering $1.13 trillion. In 2022, the total estimated value of counterfeit and pirated goods, including digital piracy, is projected to reach an astounding $1.90–$2.81 trillion.

Monitoring phase

The mapping phase entails a sighting report and completion of market survey, whereof industry monitoring is exercised.

Online and on site Investigation phase

The investigation phase entails to obtain information about the distributor or manufacturer, and its scope with the scale of products and verify production/volume of products.

Global supply chain and network investigation

Legal investigative & verification services, that focus on disclosing counterfeiter’s global supply chain and will enable the clients to access and retrieve evidence on counterfeiter’s  financial transactions and foreign export network such as vendors, distributors and customers. This traces USD Wire Transfers Via Intermediary Bank Discovery. The clients provides a signed declaration prior to execution of such investigations and legal process. This could also disclose possible or suspected tax evasions or fraud.

Collection phase

Collection or photographs of samples for identification and verification will be retrieved for the client.

Background checks phase

Information retrieval entailing information about the registered company which has been identified as a possible target of possible charge of forgery or theft.

Enforcement phase

Once volume and goods have been confirmed they are in breach of IPR rights and those responsible have been identified, the enforcement phase follows. This entails seizure of stolen goods, identification of potential customers for the follow-up phase.

Completion phase

Together with legal resources, IRMI assists with the monitoring phase to ensure the possibility of prosecution and litigation at the judicial body.

Follow up with involved enforcement authorities to obtain confirmation of final results & judgements


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