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Reactive measures – Investigations for financial and insurance industry

IRMI Group offers a range of services within monitoring and investigation in accordance with the anti money laundering, anti corruption and counter finance terrorism regulations. Among our investigation services IRMI also provides insurance investigations when suspecting possible fraud or in-country onsite verification services in terms of claims and asset searches when suspecting investment fraud or losing assets.

UBO & Asset investigations

Ultimate beneficiary owners (UBO) is a research and confirmation of the real beneficiary owners behind a company.  Asset investigations is a search for lost assets when being exposed of possible financial fraud or loss of assets. These services are often combined, also when seeking hidden assets in foreign countries. Services are also relevant in insolvency matters and litigation cases and is also relevant in liquidation, insolvency matters and litigation case. 

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Insurance claims and investigations

Fraud steals around $80 billion a year across all lines of insurances. Nearly one third of insurers say that fraud was as high as 20% of claim costs. A rapid globalisation, when people and companies are moving across borders in high speed, makes it even more challenging for insurance companies.

In general, he international terrain creates challenges with verifications prior of approving insurance claims, without even suspecting fraud.

AMLD4, AMLD5 and CTF audits 

New regulations in terms of combating money laundering and terrorism financing, point out that it’s no longer sufficient to identify the identity and ultimate beneficiary owners. In terms of on-boarding new customers, they must also be verified.

Global screening in over 600 lists using global registries, API’s and Artificial Intelligence, provides identification results in seconds. Real time data with updates every 15 minutes. 

Subsequently enhanced customer due diligence is also required in high risk areas.

IRMI Group supports financial industry, investment industry and insurance companies with in-country and on-site verifications when suspecting violation of the new anti-money laundering laws and CTF globally. IRMI Group can assist establishing routines and perform customer audits in high risk areas.

Read case study example here.

Read case study example here.

Read case study example here.


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