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Compliance done faster

Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, IRMI Group is a neutral organisation offering advisory assistance within governance, compliance and risk management. IRMI Group’s vision is to elevate the industry, whilst simultaneously preserving and increasing values for companies through preventive and reactive measures.

In order to achieve this IRMI Group has at its disposal a global network of extensive expertise and professionalism in Background Information Retrieval, enabling us to assist with Due Diligence services, GDPR implementation, Audits, Risk Analysis and Investigations.

Our global experts, vendors and analysts are quality assured with networks within the police, security, intelligence and compliance organisations. Thus our extensive expertise enables us to access local data, in country, on site and in real-time.


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Due Diligence


  • Reducing the risks of being exposed to adverse and criminal incidents
  • Implementation of solutions to comply with management liabilities, corporate governance and CSR
  • Implementation of solutions to comply with the new European CSR strategy and EU directives on the disclosure of non-financial information
  • Implementation of solutions to comply with AMLD4/AMLD5, MIFID II, AIFMD, ISO27001 and UN’s Global Compact & OECD’s guidelines for multinational enterprises.
  • Reducing risk of being fined
  • Loss prevention
  • Competitive edge and more increasing sustainable business opportunities
  • Value chain sustainability
  • Safeguarding and increasing shareholder values
  • More cost efficient and less time consuming compliance
  • Safeguarding financial sustainability

Oslo, Norway

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