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The importance of starting a background vetting and Due Diligence process at early stage, and knowing who you are doing business with or where you are considering placing investments, are just one of the essential and crucial factors to a company success. Additionally to the financial and legal information, there are several other precautions for companies to be aware of, to be able to obtain the total overview.

The possibilities and available resources to identify potential risks when doing international business, trade and investments is a crucial factor in the decision making process and can be challenging for companies to comply with CSR/CG, ESG and HSEQ requirements in real operations.Together with our global resources, we assist you with your endeavours and process to success.

About us

IRMI Group is an international neutral corporation with a global professional network, partners and colleagues from various law enforcement divisions and analysts.

We work with partners all over the globe, and in our local market (Norway), we cooperate with privatetterforsker Oslo (private investigators Oslo). Irmigroup is a one stop shop for due diligence and background checks on a global scale.

What makes us unique?

Additionally to global publicly available data and sanction lists, we combine this with local professionals and analysts covering 150 countries. This makes it possible to verify and disclose discrepancies locally and provide real-time information with even more accuracy.

Our core values are integrity - compliance - accountability.

Our main objectives are to minimize risks, secure the process of decision making and to ensure compliance and achieve sustainability through our analysis, training and advisory services

Our solutions

IRMI Group offers CSR & Governance, Risk & Compliance solutions such as 3rd party screening, Due Diligence and verification services. Global tools for investors, board, management and international companies. IRMI Group have integrity programs and training programs for management, finance, procurement, HR/recruitment, HSEQ, attorneys and auditors.

The objective is to minimize risks, secure the process of decision making and to ensure compliance in accordance with regulations and requirements such as UKBA, AML, PEP`s, Patriot Act, CFT and FCPA. Assisting companies, their management and the board to execute and comply with their ethical guidelines, compliance programs, Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Social Governance in real life and operations

Irmigroup Norway - Enhanced due diligence

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